Swansea Jack Hash House Harriers

SJH3A Drinking Club with a Running Problem

SJH3 are a group of drinkers who like the occasional run / jog. Like all hashes - we are open for new members or just visitors.

NEXT RUN: 15th Feb, 11am, The Ship Inn, Port Eynon, SA3 1NN, Here! Hares are Platform Sex + Jean Genie.

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Pwll Du, Oct 12th 2014

Swansea Jack Hash House Harriers (SJH3) is a relatively small club who run once a month at 12pm.

Contact swanseajackh3@gmail.com

SJH3 15th Birthday Hash 4th-7th June 2015, Details to follow soon. Earlybird tickets £69

Hashing has been described as a drinking club with a running problem. More specifically, it’s social jogging for the unfit, slightly fit and nearly fit. Runs are typically between four and six miles, and are laid, in advance, by one or more HARES, usually following country footpaths or lanes or, if not, with the permission of local landowners. There are CHECKS, every half mile, or less, where better runners can run further in endeavouring to find the correct path, and lesser runners can have a rest. HASHING IS NOT A RACE, the aim is that, because of the CHECKS and various FALSE TRAILS, all the runners, from the fit to the walkers, finish at about the same time. Runs usually start and end at a pub, and it is customary for HASHERS, after the run, to take full advantage of the facilities offered. Dress is usually scruffy running gear (trainers, shorts/tracksuit, T-shirt) - don't dress up, it can be muddy. Bring spare shoes, jeans, etc. for pub afterwards.

If you’d like to try Hashing, just turn up at one of the forthcoming runs or, for confirmation of venue, to arrange a lift or for any other details, get in touch with one of the contacts contained in this site or via our Facebook group. We welcome women, men, children of about ten years plus, dogs, mums, dads, grand-parents, of any sexual orientation (or none), from any country, politics, religion, creed, etc. Basically, we’ll take anybody! On on!